SGME is widely recognised in the mining and minerals sector for delivering innovative solutions to challenging projects. Our projects span across feasibility and planning, operations, mine and quarry closure, rehabilitation, monitoring and research. SGME’s successes are a testament to our experienced team of scientists, engineers and professional experts and their in-depth knowledge and passion for the mining and minerals sector.


Work environment

At SGME, we foster a culture of inclusivity, collaboration and creativity with a sense of purpose to achieve our business objectives and maintain a positive work-life balance. Our team performs best in a supportive team culture with knowledge sharing, talent building, mentoring and career advancement. We support local fundraising initiatives, donate and participate in local charity events, and get involved in industry sponsorships.

Rewards and benefits

We value our team and prioritise time to listen with integrity. We are proud to say that our team’s wellbeing is our top priority, having adopted a nine-day fortnight (9DF) to balance work commitments with personal and family responsibilities. 9DF means we offer 26 short weeks per year in addition to annual leave, making a positive impact on work-life balance.

The overall success of our business is a collective contribution from our team as they are the face and voice of SGME. We celebrate important milestones and dates and give recognition.

We offer a competitive package in the industry with benefits appropriately aligned to your role and qualifications. Additionally, we have a great office environment and location, exciting projects, opportunities to travel and career progression prospects. If you are looking to join SGME for a rewarding career and boundless team spirit, come and talk to us.


Professional development

We focus on your overall career goals, long-term aspirations and motivations to advance your skills and achieve professional growth. Your professional growth strengthens our business, operational performance, sustainability and competitive edge. Development may also include soft skills such as leadership, communication and problem-solving.

Our professional development program will allow you to enhance your skills, knowledge and experience through internal and external training, mentoring and coaching, industry events, sector forums, on-the-job training, challenging and interesting projects, and opportunities for career advancement within the company.


Sub-contractors and consultants

We work in close collaboration with third party contractors or consultants that are engaged by SGME to supply services on our behalf. Our list of approved sub-contractors and consultants are flexible, require short notice to start and can offer short-terms specialist expertise for scopes that are outside of our core competency. Sub-contractors and consultants are engaged under SGMEs terms and conditions.

Join Our Team

We are actively seeking inspired, talented and skilled professionals and graduates. We invite you to apply for our current vacancies to become a valued member of our team.

A suitable role for you may not be promoted under current vacancies; however, we are continually looking for talented and energetic professionals. We invite you to submit your resume to SGME or contact us at