The evolution of SGMEs brand identity builds on the company’s growth and long-term vision. Whilst modernising key elements to showcase innovation and our continued growth, the iconic mark is maintained representing earth through its copper hue, nickel hue to represent soil, and zinc hue to represent water capturing the Company’s passion, determination and commitment to collaborate with the mining and minerals sector for a sustainable future creating enduring value.

“Our exclusive focus on the mining and minerals sector enables us to innovate across the mine lifecycle in ways no other companies can. Expanding our service offering under an updated SGME brand reflects our unique ability to reimagine the mining sector through transformative innovation, while staying true to our values and level of commitment to our clients,” said Timothy Rohde, SGMEs CEO.

The design reinforces SGMEs commitment to prioritise the community, our clients and the planet, reinforcing its position as a responsible and forward-thinking organisation. Over the coming months SGME will incorporate this brand enhancement across all digital assets and collateral.