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Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of key individuals who are pivotal to the success of SGME. They bring in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in their respective fields, and qualities of integrity, determination, encouragement and ingenuity. Fostering a culture of clarity, commitment, consistency and inclusiveness creates a dynamic team to deliver excellence to our clients. SGME’s leadership was strategically selected to infuse innovation with a fresh perspective, and bring balance with diverse skills, abilities and qualities.

Timothy Rohde

Timothy Rohde

Chief Executive Officer

Tim is a mine closure industry expert and mine closure specialist (MAusIMM(CP)), certified professional soil scientist (CPSS), and a practicing engineer in Queensland (RPEQ).

He is a visionary, fostering a positive and vibrant work culture with outstanding communication skills and leadership. Tim transforms technical mine and quarry closure challenges into practical, cost-effective and innovative solutions to achieve overall project excellence and client objectives. As a seasoned academic and thought leadership professional with extensive experience in coal and metalliferous mining. Tim has published over 25 credible technical papers on soil science, geochemistry and mine closure.

Anna Rohde

Anna Rohde

Chief Financial Officer

Anna is responsible for leading and overseeing the financial health and activities of SGME for services we deliver to our clients, driving sustainable value and strategic accomplishments.

Anna has strong communication and critical thinking skills, leadership, finance and overall business experience. With comprehensive dynamic finance and accounting knowledge, Anna identifies risks and opportunities and provides strategic financial direction.

Elra Gerritsen

Elra Gerritsen

Chief Operating Officer

Elra is responsible for leadership, management, strategic direction and achieving business and operational objectives. She oversees the running of operational business functions, business compliance and governance to achieve operational excellence.

Elra has demonstrated excellence in leadership, strategy, sales, marketing, optimising client experience and satisfaction, risk and governance management. She is an exceptional leader who cultivates collaboration to maximise business efficiency and growth.


Collaborating with the mining and minerals sector for a sustainable future and creating enduring value are not just statements, they are SGME’s character and cornerstones of who we are.


Our focus is a sustainable future.


We deliver on our commitments
to our clients.


We look for new ways to
create enduring value.


We do it right so we all go home.


Ethical behavior is in our DNA.